Phantasm – The Longest Night

Phantasm – The Longest Night



What pain fear thee,

What death through darkest deed,

As the moon reflects the dying of the sun.

Born to the stroke of midnight,

When the eve gives way to morn,



The evening hours long spent,

Tired eyes aflutter,

Moth-like flicker of unrest,

Half remembered dreams begin,

Tension ebbs with the tide.



Starlit skies of tranquil ebon,

Rose hued breaking of dawn,

Quiet interludes of whimsy,

The eyes of a lover,

Drawn to a soul of fire.



The ache of the heart,

The heat of desire,

The flesh burns to ash,

Awash in the splendor of moonlight,

Adrift on the molten sea.



Perversions spent,

The empty torment of time,

Yearning for the embrace,

The caress, the kiss, the gentle whisper,

Alone in the early morning light.



When the sky cracks open,

And the heart bleeds from on high,

Gloom shadowed visage of sorrow,

Rue not sins of the flesh,

Nor hallowed heresies of the soul.

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