Darkling Designs Back Online

Darkling Designs

The Darkling Designs website is now back online. The site is no longer located at the old sub-domain. Darkling Designs now has it’s own domain at https://darklingdesigns.com

Currently the site is in a bare bones stage. Archived content will be gradually added back to the site in the near future. We are working on manual restoration of the archived content due to prolonged database corruption caused by the old web host.

Darkling Designs Currently Down

Just a quick update regarding the Darkling Designs website hosted at https://darkling.poppameth.com

This site is currently down and will remain so until I decide how I want to handle it going forward. It was a subdomain of this site at our old host, which had massive problems recently. The migration to a new hosting company has gone well on the main sites, but this one is problematic so I may completely rebuild the Darlkling Designs website in the near future.

Limit Break Mechanics Major Update

I’ve done some major updates to the formatting of the Final Fantasy VII Limit Break Mechanics Guide. The following improvements have been made.

  • Table of contents to short link you to specific sections of the guide.
  • Section dividers with links back to the top of the page.
  • Kill and Use counts are now housed in proper tables.
  • Kill and Use tables are now hidden by default and can be viewed by expanding them with the click of a link. This decreases page clutter

I hope these improvements make the guide easier to use. Drop a comment at the foot of the guide to let me know what you think.