Apr 172015

Welcoming a new artist – Bel

Belinda Fisher



Please welcome a new addition to Poppa Meth Entertainment.

Hailing from NSW Australia, Bel is the core of a new team, The 7th Sphere.

We hope you’ll be seeing a lot from her in the near future.

Apr 172015

The Murder Cupboard -Part 2

By GideonD


Lindey awoke with a start, her heart pounding in her chest and drenched with perspiration. She grabbed at her throat in panic, but nothing was there. Already, the feeling of icy fingers around her neck was a fading terror.


The nightmare. Again, the nightmare. Would it never end? Night after restless night she’d suffered from these half remembered terrors. Was a decent night’s rest so much to ask for?


Lindey glanced over at the cupboard in her room. The door was slightly ajar. She didn’t remember leaving it that way. Didn’t she always close and lock the damn thing?


Her eyes roamed to the nearby window. Early morning sunlight was washing into the room, lightening everything with muted pastel shades of color. The fear was slowly fading, stolen by the glimmer of dawn.

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Apr 172015



Bound by a prison of her own making she closes her eyes to hope and instead listens to her fearful, swirling self-limiting thoughts.

Her body’s instincts may be towards freedom, but her mind restricts the instinct’s desire, creating a miasma of inertia and oppression.

The Eight of Swords represents someone who is blinded by fear,  bound by attachments and captured by circumstances. The ties holding her are not tight, the Swords do not fence her in. All she need do is slip out of that which binds her, open her eyes to possibilities and walk away.



Mar 032015

The Murder Cupboard -Part 1

By GideonD





Lindey huddled beneath her blankets, clutching her pillow tightly. Her breath came in labored pants, muffled by the stuffing she was biting down on.





She squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as possible.  Her slender frame quivered with fear, accentuated by the chill sheen of sweat drenching her and her sheets.

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